Cookie Policy

What is a "cookie"?
„Cookies” are small pieces of information stored in text files. They are sent by websites and saved by the user's computer. This information is only read by the server that created it.
What is the purpose of the website using cookies?
Cookies used on our website allow us to adjust information and content to the user's needs, as well as to collect statistical information about visitors. We use "cookies" to improve the website experience.

Examples of the use of cookies on our website:
  • statistical measurements,
  • matching the content displayed on the website,
  • remembering the lack of consent to display some content in the future.
What kind of cookies do we use?
We use both session "cookies", that is, those that remain on the user's device until he leaves the website, and permanent "cookies", that is, those that remain on the user's device for the time specified in the file parameters.
Can I opt out of accepting cookies?
Most web browsers allow the transmission of "cookies" by default. Activities related to storing and sending cookies are handled by web browsers and are not visible to the user.
You can set your browser in such a way as to be able to decline the request to store some or all "cookies". However, it should be remembered that most of the cookies used help to improve the convenience of using the website.
ATTENTION! Disabling cookies from this website may cause the website to malfunction.
How to disable cookies?
The ways to change cookie settings can be found on the manufacturers' websites, e.g .: